Graduate Employers

Immediate Intelligence.

Proven validity. Pick and mix as you need. Packaged prices so no surprises.

Graduate employers face many challenges - High volumes of applications, changing demographics, lack of relevant work experience, difficult to identify candidates with the highest potential and the right soft skills and culture fit.

You can count on Testgrid to be your immediate intelligence.

Armed with more than 20 years of helping graduate employers, we can assist you with application screening, interview scheduling, video interviewing, psychometric testing, behavioural matching, setting and running immersive online assessment centres, background checking and data analytics.

The outcome is enabling you to capture the most suited candidates faster and fairer, improve candidate experience, reduce cost-per-hire and improve your productivity.

Best of all, you can pick any combination of products and services we provide, access our per-hire level pricing, draw on our technology, consulting and analytics expertise, if and when you need it.

That is why we are your immediate intelligence.


Our unrivalled range of services is segmented into 4 key areas.
Find solutions tailored to your needs.

Talent Acquisition

Predict on the job performance and improve productivity.

Search. Screen. Assess. Check.

Talent Development

Identify talent and provide foundation for development.

Identify. Improve. Develop. Engage.

Talent Technology

Save money and hours of recruitment with automation technology.

Innovate. Integrate. Automate. Transform.

Talent Consulting

Tailor your solutions and achieve optimal performance.

Advise. Analyse. Design. Deploy.

The top 4 reasons WHY

Graduate Employers choose us:

What makes Testgrid stand tall and shine is responsiveness. To us, responsiveness is about speed and value:

  • How fast we respond to the challenges and changing needs of our customers
  • The “value” we provide by effectively meeting and exceeding their needs.

To achieve that, we:

  • Are flexible, agile and proactive. Always respond in a timely manner.
  • Quickly identify and respond to your needs. Follow up and rectify issues promptly.
  • Offer tailored and cost-effective solutions. Deliver what is promised, seamlessly and consistently.
  • Not only meet but exceed your expectations. Take pride in going above and beyond for you.

We respond to our customers in an average of 9 minutes. Our customer satisfaction score is 93%

We are not a test author – we are vendor neutral and partner with multiple publishers so we can tailor solutions specific to your needs.
We only select our publisher partners after we conduct a stringent evaluation.

Candidate experience is a job seeker’s perception of your company and a poor experience can reflect negatively on your brand.

We provide the best possible candidate experience at every stage of the hiring process by:

  • Outlining the recruitment process, giving clear timelines and keeping candidates in the loop every step of the way in order to manage expectations.
  • Offering online and offline support to candidates.
  • Ensuring our tests are professional and well-designed.
  • Leveraging technology such as video interviewing to improve convenience.
  • Providing candidates with thoughtful and constructive feedback to improve their self-awareness and growth.

We understand reporting is imperative for HR professionals and Hiring Managers. We can provide standard or customised reports that are:

  • Quick to download and easily accessible, with data appropriately protected.
  • Presented in an easy-to-understand format so you can interpret the results in a  practical and actionable way.


Why do our customers love us?

“This recruitment tool is an effective and efficient mechanism to screen high volumes of candidates, ensuring we can easily identify those candidates that will provide the best customer experience across our Coles Group brands”
- Nina Pollard | National Head of Talent Acquisition, Coles Supermarkets

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