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We deliver technology, product and consulting excellence.

"It costs organisations an average of $35k to hire a new executive.”

What it means

Most organisations have to make faster and smarter hiring decisions. 

"Quality of hire”, “Sourcing channel effectiveness” and “Assessment effectiveness”

What it means

These are the 3 key measures for new hire effectiveness. 

“Quality of hire” - “Employee Retention”, “Engagement” and “Performance ratings.”

What it means

HR Leaders need to calculate these inputs to link talent acquisition to talent development and engagement. 

Our unrivalled range of HR Tech Solutions

is segmented into 4 key areas

Talent Acquisition

Predict on the job performance and improve productivity.

Search. Screen. Assess. Check.

Talent Development

Identify talent and provide foundation for development.

Identify. Improve. Develop. Engage.

Talent Technology

Save money and hours of recruitment with automation technology.

Innovate. Integrate. Automate. Transform.

Talent Consulting

Tailor your solutions and achieve optimal performance.

Advise. Analyse. Design. Deploy.

Our HR Tech Solutions are all designed to enable you to make faster, smarter and fairer decisions across two key areas: recruitment and development.

Making faster, smarter and fairer decisions time after time means you are able

to build and develop winning teams and achieve your business goals.

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