Psychometric Testing

Helping place the right people into the right roles with the combined help of science, technology and psychometric testing.

Pre-employment assessments work best when they're individually tailored to your situation.

We are the only independent provider of psychometric testing in the market.

There is no one size fits all solution because every person and every organisation is unique. Psychometric testing can help you match your company’s needs with the right person for the role.

When you need a candidate who can take conceptual ideas and transfer them into real-world solutions, or spot new trends as they emerge, you need a strong conceptual thinker.

If keeping an eye on the bigger picture while still promoting the finer details is a key capability in your new hire, abstract reasoning assessments can help you identify the right person for the job.


Abstract Reasoning tests can help identify lateral thinkers.

Abstract reasoning assessments measure key competencies in business including:

  • Ability to identify patterns and relationships in data
  • Logical reasoning
  • Information integration and application to problem solving
  • Natural learning capability
  • Systemic approach to problems and developments
  • Identify the best candidates for your role; whether you have an entry level position to fill in the Mining sector, or an executive role in Healthcare, ensure your candidates’ abstract reasoning skills are the best-fit for your needs.

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Data Analysis

Understand Problem Solving Ability

Understand Learning Ability

Find Lateral Thinkers

Understand Key Competencies

Behavioural psychometric assessments provide insight into how well your candidates will handle role-related activities. Competency assessments help identify your candidates’ abilities to do the job. Behavioural assessments measure how well they will cope while in their role.

Every competency has associated favourable behavioural traits. When these traits are identified and measured, they can indicate a prospect’s current capabilities and future career development.


When filling a role, it’s vital to ensure your candidate not only meets experience and skill set requirements but also matches the role’s behavioural requirements.

Behavioural and competencies measurements include:

  • Dependability
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Natural learning capability
  • Communication expertise
  • Problem solving
  • Performance under pressure
  • Cultural fit

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Identify and capture the best-fit talent with one of our assessments tailored to suit your needs. Let us help you with your HR solutions.

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Find Dependable Talent

Identify Compliant People

Understand Learning Ability

Find Great Communicators

Add to Your Culture

These candidates are in high demand and are invaluable resources for organisations around the globe. But how do you find them if they haven’t yet developed their specialist expertise?

Numerical reasoning psychometric assessments are a great place to start. These tests measure a candidates core abilities and strengths in data interpretation, analysis and formation of logical conclusions. A candidate’s general intellectual ability is measured by their ability to identify relationships and solve problems within numerical material.


Tracking your KPIs, reviewing ROI, and monitoring fluctuations in budgets requires a superior understanding and affinity for numerical data.

Numerical reasoning assessments provide strong insights into a candidate’s abilities, including:

  • Collection, analysis and reporting of numerical data
  • Aligning data results with business goals and objectives
  • Efficient and insightful identification of data trends or issues such as performance figures, production fluctuations and financial returns
  • Ability to interpret data and present in non-technical terms for key stakeholders

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As the only independent test provider in the market we can offer you the exact fit for your testing and assessment needs. Let us help you with your HR solutions.

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Data Analysis

Identify Goal Driven People

Find Critical Thinkers

Find Fast Analysers

Identify Mathematical Problem Solvers

All industries and sectors need candidates with strong verbal reasoning skills. The ability to comprehend and analyse documents and verbal information is critical in customer-facing roles as well as stakeholder management positions.

Assessing verbal reasoning skills and competencies involves measuring multiple aspects of a candidates skill-set.

These competencies include:

  • Ability to think quickly and respond accordingly with reasoned verbal responses
  • Form an understanding of concepts during conversations
  • Effective problem solving skills
  • Draw logical conclusions using verbal information
  • Find relationships between ideas and concepts using verbal information

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We are the only independent test provider in the market, giving us the freedom to offer you a range of options for your testing and assessment needs. Let us help you with your HR solutions.

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Find Quick Thinkers

Understand Problem Solving Ability

Identify Logic-Driven Talent

Find Lateral Thinkers

Predict Job Performance


Emotional Intelligence is the measurement of an individual’s capacity to use and manage emotions in the workplace. If you require a strong team player or to develop a candidate for a future leadership role, you’ll want someone with a high Emotional Intelligence capacity.

Why? Because the skills and competencies associated with high Emotional Intelligence are manifest in effective leadership, proactive staff, relationship development and outstanding managerial skills.

Competencies and skills measured include:

  • Effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Behavioural management skills such as emotional self-control and management of others
  • Cognisance of the emotions of others
  • Performance enhancement through positive emotional support
  • Efficient problem solving skills

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Predict performance more accurately

Remove unconscious bias

Enhance efficiencies and consistencies

Improve employee retention and engagement

Reduce training and development costs

Mechanical reasoning assessments and aptitude tests measure candidates’ abilities to understand mechanical concepts, to identify relationships between components and solve mechanical problems.

Multiple industries utilise mechanical reasoning assessments to ensure their talent has what it takes to develop fully-fledged careers in their fields. Mechanical reasoning tests are common assessments in heavy industry and manufacturing sectors, especially for entry-level and graduate roles.


Ensuring your candidates have the right technical and mechanical competencies is important when filling a role within a mechanical environment.

Multiple industries utilise mechanical reasoning assessments for roles such as:

  • Construction workers
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Emergency response personnel
  • Tram, Bus and Train drivers
  • Factory operations workers
  • Assembly-line personnel
  • Mining personnel

We are the only independent test provider in the market, giving us the freedom to offer you a range of options for your testing and assessment needs. Let us help you with your HR solutions.

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Improve efficiencies in the hiring process

Recruit effectively

Acquire the right talent

Increase employee retention

Reduce training and development costs

Testgrid offers a number of job fit behavioural screening tools, including Traitify and TalentFit. These tools provide insights such as the types of roles, careers or workplace culture and values the candidates may be best suited to.

Reporting can be customised to a specific job profile, or to your organisation’s competency framework. These tools are valuable for efficient, high-volume candidate screening or shortlisting, and measuring organisational alignment.

Professional sales roles are highly competitive and demanding. Finding and retaining top-tier sales talent is therefore critical for sales-based businesses. Even more important: how do you find a sales professional who has the capability to move from mid-tier to top-achiever?

Candidates’ inherent behaviours and aptitudes have a lot to do with it. These attributes can be identified through sales assessments that measure vital characteristics such as motivation, influential skills and resilience.

Sales competency tests and career aptitude testing go a long way in helping to identify candidates who will thrive in a sales role.

Our sales psychometric testing can help you identify candidates with the mental acuity, aptitude to succeed, and the critical corresponding attributes for further professional development.

The behaviours and competencies measured include:

  • Knowledge of business and product terminology
  • Updated sales practices and procedures
  • Motivation and self-starting
  • Comfortable with numerical data and sales charts
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organisation skills
  • Mental and emotional strength

We are the only independent test provider in the market, giving us the freedom to offer you a range of options for your testing and assessment needs. Let us help you with your HR solutions.

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Screen and shortlist efficiently

Recruit effectively

Assist in employee alignment

Improve engagement and retention

Lower cost as compared to the behavioural assessment

Testgrid’s cognitive psychometric testing is objective, standardised and excellent predictors of on-the-job performance.

The commonly used cognitive assessments include:

  • Abstract reasoning – assesses problem-solving skills, how they will adapt to new tasks and how quickly they can learn.
  • Verbal reasoning – assesses written and verbal communication skills and how well they interpret written information.
  • Numerical reasoning – assesses the ability to understand and interpret data, graphs and tables, track KPIs and ROI, and manage budgets.
  • Mechanical reasoning – assesses mechanical or spatial reasoning skills.

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Make fair (data-driven) hiring decisions

Hire the right talent

Reduce time and cost in the recruitment and onboarding processes

Improve retention

Enhance development opportunities

Get to Know Your Candidates with Pre-Employment Assessments.

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We're always happy to have an informal chat and share our insights on how to improve your recruitment, employee development and engagement.