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Proudly Australian owned, Testgrid combines technology, talent and pre-employment psychometric assessments, psychology and data science expertise.

to empower organisations to accelerate performance, optimise selection, realise talent acquisition results and achieve their goals.

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talent acquisition, talent development, talent technology and talent consulting solutions to



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“This recruitment tool is an effective and efficient mechanism to screen high volumes of candidates, ensuring we can easily identify those candidates that will provide the best customer experience across our Coles Group brands”
- Nina Pollard | National Head of Talent Acquisition, Coles Supermarkets

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Testgrid 2021 whitepaper series


As an organisation that values diversity, Testgrid is wholeheartedly committed to promoting awareness of fair online testing procedures that deliver a non-discriminatory experience for all candidates.

In this whitepaper Testgrid outlines 5 key steps and 4 best practice tips to adopt in testing candidates with disabilities. Download or head over to our insights section to learn more.


that accelerate performance, optimise selection and
realise talent acquisition results

Talent Acquisition

Predict on the job performance and improve productivity.

Search. Screen. Assess. Check.

Talent Development

Identify talent and provide foundation for development.

Identify. Improve. Develop. Engage.

Talent Technology

Save money and hours of recruitment with automation technology.

Innovate. Integrate. Automate. Transform.

Talent Consulting

Tailor your solutions and achieve optimal performance.

Advise. Analyse. Design. Deploy.

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