Talent Development

Identify talent and provide foundation for development.

Identify. Improve. Develop. Engage.

We believe in lifelong professional development,
giving every individual a clear path toward organisational and personal success.

Having the ability to understand and predict the performance and potential of your workforce, boost their engagement and productivity, keep ahead of your competitors and set the standard of your industry is why you cannot ignore talent development.

We combine our technology capabilities, consulting expertise and talent development and assessment tools to help you:

  • Align and develop your people
  • Maximise the potential of your employees
  • Identify and nurture your leaders
  • Enhance team synergy and collaboration
  • Engage and retain the right people
  • Improve performance in leaders and their staff

We adopt a flexible approach so:

  • You can access a range of pre-built individual and team programs, or create your own content with our experts
  • Your in-house team or our experts can deliver the 1:1 debriefs and coaching sessions
  • You can engage us for a one-off program or a longer-term partnership

Utilise a range of off-the-shelf or fully customised assessment tools, Testgrid can work individually or in team sessions to:

  • Assess and identify the key strengths of your existing or new leadership team
  • Help you identify who, what and when to invest in terms of leadership coaching and training
  • Provide clarity in terms of areas of development and potential “derailers”
  • Advise you on how best to manage these at times of high stress or time pressures


Understand team and individual strengths

Maximise group effectiveness

Enhance group dynamics and communication

Improve diversity of thought

Identify strengths gaps for talent development and recruitment

Using a range of assessments to match the competencies and behaviours that you need in your emerging leaders, Testgrid can work through individual or in team sessions, to:

  • Enhance mobility within organisations and pinpointing the talent that you want to develop within your teams
  • Help you identify your future leaders
  • Structure a program to help them achieve their goals.
  • Develop your people from product experts into all-round leaders and see the growth that they can drive


Identify candidates with the highest potential

Assess against your customised HiPo frameworks

Maximise the potential of your future leaders

Retain and nurture the talents that you already have

Use data to drive key focus areas for individual and team development

The program is often used when leaders first join a new organisation or are planning to take the next step up.  It is tailored to suit individual’s experience, requirements and industry.


Understand yourself better

Maximise potential

Support new or experienced leaders

Help retain and develop your talent

Invest in your people

EI is an attribute that can be developed. Testgrid can support you to assess and improve your EI ability.  From helping you to be more self-aware to self-manage, to enhancing your relationship management skills, to building resilience and mindfulness.


Simple assessments to measure EI

Simple strategies to improve development areas

Individual and Group coaching to share and practice learnings

Ideal for leaders to enhance people skills and lead organisational culture

Proven improvements in call centre and customer service environments

One of the biggest challenges for organisations is understanding and communicating effectively within teams at all levels. The value of diversity of thought and approach is well recognised, but the benefits of this can only be realised with open and thoughtful communication.

For leaders, it is vital for understanding your teams and how to manage them as individuals, whilst improving the group effectiveness.  This is particularly important now we are experiencing a more remote model of working.


Enhance information sharing

Build deep understanding of each other

Streamline roles and tasks to suit profiles

Facilitate open and thoughtful communication

Measurable improvements and ROI

The pace of change and adaption of working styles is more relevant now than any time in recent history. Many people have thrived in the new workplace, but others have struggled.

Testgrid’s remote working and adapting to change program supports you in program development and helps your people in how to manage in the “new normal” workplace.


Understand individual and team dynamics

Improve communication across groups

Support the ongoing need for change

Measurable outcomes and ROI

Manage the work/life balance

360s are a multi-rater questionnaire that gather performance feedback from an individual’s manager, peers, direct reports and/or customers. They can predict performance and provide foundations for development.

Typically, feedback on 360s are with one-on-one, development focused discussions with a consultant.  A range of 360 tools can focus on different aspects including custom competencies, leadership benchmarking, emotional intelligence and personal agility.


A well-used performance measure

Productive and individualised feedback

Fully supported and managed program

Can be combined with personality assessments for full picture of performance and potential

Quick to implement

Testgrid specialises in:

  • assessing your candidates and existing employees to ensure that everyone working onsite protects themselves and other workers
  • facilitating specialist awareness and training programs to improve the benchmark, reduce accidents and near misses


Specialist safety assessments for key industries

Simple development tips for individuals

Benchmark and data analytics of group results

Awareness and development workshops

Specialist facilitation of group sessions

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