Testgrid has now launched VAXSAFE

Australia’s First A.I. Vaccination Verification Tool

Verify employee vaccination status fast and easily

Vaccine verification is proving a major challenge for Australian businesses.
VAXSAFE allows you to verify your employees and other personnel are vaccinated in a single process.
Simply add VAXSAFE to your existing process or use as a stand-alone tool to reduce risk.

How it Works

  • VAXSAFE is added to your existing process or can be a stand-alone tool
  • Employees or other personnel receive a link to provide documentation
  • Employees upload their vaccination certification/documents
  • Our AI technology verifies documents match the expected format
  • VAXSAFE logs dates of vaccinations or boosters
  • The employer is notified when certification/documents are verified
  • Data is stored in Australian secure data storage


  • Verify employees or personnel fast
  • Reduce the risk of fake documentation
  • Promote safety and reduce risk of infection
  • Gain instant reporting
  • Protect your business and liability
  • Protect your workforce
  • 24/7 support
  • ATS integration
  • Onshore Australian data storage

Monitor your employees' COVID-19 vaccination status

Australia has now rolled out its vaccination program but many businesses are struggling to verify their employees’ or other personnels’ vaccination status.

VAXSAFE is our A.I.-powered vaccination tool that makes verifying your people fast and easy.

Report on who is vaccinated and even keep track of booster shots with one easy-to-use portal.

Now available for both new and existing customers.

To learn more about VAXSAFE we just need a few quick details

    First Name
    Last Name
    Company Name
    Mobile Number
    Approx Staff
    Current Testgrid Customer?


    Can you integrate with Application Tracking Systems (ATS)?

    Yes, VAXSAFE can integrate with your ATS or be used as a stand-alone platform

    How long does it take to set up VAXSAFE?

    Within 24 hours when used as a standalone tool. If you are using it as part of an integration this would be confirmed with your ATS provider.

    What kind of results are shared?We provide information on if the certificate has been verified or not, so you do not need to see the certificate yourself

    Can I download employees’ or candidates’ certificates?

    No, due to privacy laws you would not be able to do this. You will be informed about the individual’s verification status and any documentation will be stored in our secure, Australian-based servers.

    Does VAXSAFE verify international certificates?

    Yes, VAXSAFE can verify multiple certificate formats and will provide the ability to verify Australian and International vaccination certifications


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