Leadership Development

Adapt to change and succeed through our advanced leadership development programs.

Utilise our range of off-the-shelf or fully customised leadership tools to identify the areas for growth and instil continuous improvement.

Our Programs

Our impactful leadership tools measure and develop leadership using a hierarchical model of leadership effectiveness.

These tools are designed to understand such elements as professionalism, how leaders work with people across a wide range of team and functions.

We work with you to define the right assessment for your needs and utilise tools that measure and match your people to leadership styles and highlight areas for development.

Whether you are recruiting new people or developing your people into leaders, these leadership tools allow businesses to assess against the crucial abilities associated with strong leadership, such as critical reasoning skills and problem-solving ability.

Reasoning score and a summary of cognitive style are useful for screening or development of high-level roles, such as senior managers and executives.


Make fair (data-driven) hiring decisions

Hire the right leaders

Reduce time and cost in the recruitment and onboarding processes

Improve retention

Enhance leadership development opportunities

How leaders perceive themselves and how this compares to others’ perceptions of them is a powerful feedback tool.

Our emotional intelligence leadership tools are designed for mid to senior leadership development and can be used alongside behavioural assessments for further self-insight of work styles, motivations & preferences.


Enhance teamwork

Boost workplace morale

Reduce staff turnover

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Increase productivity and profitability

This leadership tool focuses on identifying gaps in leadership ability, setting goals and creating a development plan to work towards continued improvement.

Where many assessments can be used as a one-off tool to understand how leaders perform or how others perceive them, this tool is an ongoing plan that assesses leaders’ progress with addressing development areas in their leadership style.

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