Talent Acquisition: Pre-employment Assessments

Enhance your talent acquisition strategy by predicting on the job performance and improving productivity with our pre-employment assessments.

Search. Screen. Assess. Check.

We partner with 17 reputable talent assessment publishers
and have access to over 2,500 pre-employment assessments and reports.

We are not a recruitment company. Rather, we have many years’ experience in helping our customers find talents by leveraging our pre-employment assessments, technology, psychology, analytics and deep understanding of people to enhance our customers’ talent acquisition strategies.

Whether you have a well-established talent acquisition process or you’re just starting out, we can assist you with an end to end recruitment process or just some parts of it.

From preferred work styles, values and motivation, to potential behavioural strengths, leadership potential and organisation/team fit, behavioural pre-employment assessments can help you understand what makes your candidate tick, how to help them perform to their best, and ensure a good culture fit or “culture add”.

The data collected at the talent acquisition stage can be vital to support onboarding, development and management of new hires.

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Hire efficiently

Recruit effectively

Identify leadership capabilities and potential

Ensure good culture fit or “culture add”

Improve engagement and retention

Testgrid’s cognitive pre-employment assessments are objective, standardised and excellent predictors of on-the-job performance.

The commonly used cognitive assessments include:

  • Abstract reasoning – assesses problem-solving skills, how they will adapt to new tasks and how quickly they can learn.
  • Verbal reasoning – assesses written and verbal communication skills and how well they interpret written information.
  • Numerical reasoning – assesses the ability to understand and interpret data, graphs and tables, track KPIs and ROI, and manage budgets.
  • Mechanical reasoning – assesses mechanical or spatial reasoning skills.

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Make fair (data-driven) hiring decisions

Hire the right talent

Reduce time and cost in the recruitment and onboarding processes

Improve retention

Enhance development opportunities

Research now indicates that employees with strong emotional intelligence are better leaders, more successful at building high performing teams, more resilient and are stronger communicators. Strong emotional intelligence correlates with customer service performance: employee engagement and turnover in customer-facing roles.

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Enhance teamwork

Boost workplace morale

Reduce staff turnover

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Increase productivity and profitability

When you know your employees’ propensity for safe working, you are more equipped to make better and smarter hiring decisions. You will be able to manage risk-taking employees more effectively and give you confidence in protecting your workforce and customers.

Custom designed psychometric assessments are available for sectors including Building & Construction, Mining & Resources, Transport & Logistics, Warehousing and Industrial sectors.

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Ensure your new hires are safe on your work sites (for themselves and others)

Minimise your risk

Mitigate your potential liability

Improve workplace morale

Demonstrate duty of care

Testgrid’s extensive range of commonly used skills pre-employment assessments cover skills across areas such as admin and clerical, data entry, typing, desktop and software, coding, data mining and analytics, digital literacy, industrial, retail, call centre and customer service, healthcare and medical, mathematics, finance and accounting, sales and business, cybersecurity, programming, and Microsoft Office.

They may include simulations and scenario-based questions, and are closely aligned with specific roles.


Predict performance more accurately

Remove unconscious bias

Enhance efficiencies and consistencies

Improve employee retention and engagement

Reduce training and development costs

Specialty testing may include your candidates’ mental acuity, technical competence, capabilities in occupations and roles requiring specific skills or competencies.

Testgrid’s range of specialty pre-employment assessments are more suited to IT & Programming, Accounting & Finance, Sales & Business Development roles.

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Improve efficiencies in the hiring process

Recruit effectively

Acquire the right talent

Increase employee retention

Reduce training and development costs

Testgrid offers a number of job fit behavioural screening tools, including Traitify and TalentFit. These tools provide insights such as the types of roles, careers or workplace culture and values the candidates may be best suited to.

Reporting can be customised to a specific job profile, or to your organisation’s competency framework. These tools are valuable for efficient, high-volume candidate screening or shortlisting, and measuring organisational alignment.

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Screen and shortlist efficiently

Recruit effectively

Assist in employee alignment

Improve engagement and retention

Lower cost as compared to the behavioural assessment

Video interviewing reduces the need for phone screens, scheduling and face-to-face meetings, and also allows multiple stakeholders to review, rate and comment on individual candidates’ interviews.

Candidates can complete their automated video interviews at a time and place of their liking. You have the simplest and most efficient way to review, evaluate and engage candidates.


Reduce time to hire by up to 80%

Cut recruitment costs by up to 50%

Lower unconscious bias by 90%

Improve candidate experience by 40%

Strengthen employer brand

Often used as part of volume hiring or graduate recruitment processes, assessment centres are an excellent method to assess candidates on individual and group tasks.

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Learn about our awards.


Use off the shelf tasks for quick and easy implementation

Create bespoke tasks for a more tailored approach

Tap into Testgrid experts for best practice design

Flexible delivery – physical and virtual

Save time and resources in recruitment

In 2020, Testgrid won an international award for our design & facilitation of Assessment Centres for Sydney Water: a Gold Medal in the Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards for 'Best Unique and Innovative Talent Acquisition Strategy’ (Talent Acquisition).

Testgrid offers its expertise in developing strategies that have a dual focus on recruiting for “Culture Add” and leveraging diversity of thought. The results are your organisation has a diverse and inclusive culture, a high performing workforce and sets a new standard for diversity.

The program we offer includes, but not limited to:

  • Recruitment process design
  • Unconscious bias training
  • Specific comparison groups for candidates. For example: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CALD)
  • Flexible technology to support reasonable adjustments
  • Language free assessments


Better organisational reputation

Higher performance

Improved employee engagement

Faster problem solving

Enhanced profit

These tools include, but not limited to:  Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF), credit files and bankruptcy, driver history, education and qualification, pre-employment medical, right to work in AUS or NZ (VEVO), trade and operator licences, and working with children checks.


Mitigate risk

Avoid bad hires

Ensure compliance

Protect your company’s brand, legal liability and negative publicity

Protect your personal brand and legal liability

Research indicates that 80% of a business’s theft or fraud occurs by its own staff. To mitigate risk, It is essential for employers to be able to fully trust their entire team, provide a safe workplace, and feel more secure knowing they have taken measures to procure reliable team members.


Ensure compliance

Mitigate risk

Avoid potential legal liability

Provide a safe workplace

Protect your brand

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